​Get to the point to where confirmation from others is no longer needed..because I AM BEAUTIFUL. Walk in EVERY room with CONFIDENT as if you created the space for that purpose only. Thats what S.H.E do, I THANK my enemies more than my fans; because of you Im constantly reminded that my purpose is not in vain. 

How can a broken mess be shaped so perfectly unbothered??

Its CALLED healing with a side of I WAS BUILT FOR THIS..


Screenshot_2017-08-07-16-32-49-1We often find ourselves not believing this. My abusers actions put me in the state of mind of being worthless….Less than; NOT pretty. However my healing process, with much prayer and renewed strength kept me PUSHING, striving and eagered to meet the woman I am TODAY…..If you find yourself feeling discouraged; EVERY morning when you wake…MAKE IT YOUR first step of the day; by looking in the mirror and saying:





Every Women wants to be LOVED without force. Some women enjoy the random karaoke between the two of you during a car ride. A simple kiss here and there to show her, she’s still noticed. A peaceful walk as you hold her hand in the park, mall or even the grocery store. Authentic conversation during morning breakfast or even dinner or what about the moments of NO phone, laptop or television…When the entertainment can be created amongst the two…#CREATEyourEQUAL #LoveLANGUAGE. ~Marlene Roberson

Making your mate happy doesnt take over thinking….If you love her and she’s the ONE for you. It will naturally show through the simple things you do. 

Ladies stop begging your partners, boo, wife, husband etc. to give you something that they obviously DON’T want to give you. When that person who is spiritually designed for you comes along; EVERY THING you need will flow without question and when they find that person they want to do it for; THEY’LL DO IT…mark my word..LOVE IS NOT FORCED..neither are relationships.

These celebrity survivors did not allow their past to interfere with their purpose. 

As survivors we have to be strong enough to PUSH through the pain. THAT’S where we discover the strength that was planted at birth. THE scripture of today was “RECLAIMING YOUR TIME” What does that look like to you? BREAK FREE from someone BONDAGE!!! #THEYsurvivedLIKEme


This type of activity is happening everywhere, I am a survivor of gang rape (At the age of 23), In my case I trusted one of the abusers, I felt safe and protected with him on many occasions, to where I never thought he would allow such thing to take place while I was tipsy off of 2 glasses of “Mad Dog 20/20”. A lot of time I hear, “Oh she deserved it”, ” She probably wanted it to happened” etc. Well I am one of them woman, that didn’t want this to happen. What do you do in this situation? Call the police? Scream as LOUD as you can? Or lay there clueless, worthless, feeling like your whole soul has vanished in the pits of hell. I went into isolation for 2 whole weeks, I was married at the time; I didn’t have the guts to tell my husband that my close friend and persons he knew, had violated me in such a way. WHY is that? There are 7 factual reasons: Social stigma, Fear, Self Blame, Disbelief, Protection, Corrupt legal system, or LIFE goes on.


WHY does he do that

One of the basic human rights he takes away from you is the right to be angry with him. No matter how badly he treats you, he believes that your voice shouldn’t rise and your blood shouldn’t boil. The privilege of rage is reserved for him alone. When your anger does jump out of you—as will happen to any abused woman from time to time—he is likely to try to jam it back down your throat as quickly as he can. Then he uses your anger against you to prove what an irrational person you are. Abuse can make you feel straitjacketed. You may develop physical or emotional reactions to swallowing your anger, such as depression, nightmares, emotional numbing, or eating and sleeping problems, which your partner may use as an excuse to belittle you further or make you feel crazy.”
Lundy Bancroft

First blog post

She steps in EVERY room HIGHLY lifted up with the walk like skip because she so high off LIFE

That’s what she does

Wrap your arms around me , hold me close, dont let go, dont let go…. guess what he didnt, she was covered.

 Protected she felt for the first time in along time. He’s her creator. she sings oh so loud.


 That’s where it ALL started…. Her obedience to GOD (Her Protector) ~Marlene Roberson